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, founded in 2013, is one factory of optical passive devices, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, after-slaes service, with operating space of 2500 square meters. We design advanced and cost-effective passive components through our ISO 9001-2015 certified facility. Our products have been sold well to domestic and overseas markets, including polarization maintaining fiber components, high power laser isolator, multi-mode pump combiner and fused products.

RUIK’s products mainly include the followings:

1. Polarization maintaining fiber components, mainly designed for fiber sensor system, includes in line polarizer, polarization beam combiner/splitter, pm fused coupler, with good environmental adaptability and reliability, widely used in aerospace industry and ultra-high-speed transmission system

2. High power laser components, includes isolator, multi-mode pump combiner, customized far-field collimator, which are the critical device of fiber laser,especially the ultra fast laser.

Since the foundation, Ruik has been devoted in ultra fast laser system.

In 2013, RUIK was established in shenzhen, China, mainly manufactured pm fiber components;

In 2014, RUIK designed and manufactured high power laser isolator, up to 50 watts;

In 2015, RUIK launched pm fused products;

In 2016, RUIK launched multi-mode pump combiner;

In 2018, RUIK established the branch in Dongguan.

In the future, higher handing power, more stable environmental adaptability are our direction and R&D focus. We have a professional team with a decade of successful technology and management experience in fiber optic industry. Our goal is to be the customer’s most competitive partner.

Ruik-tech Communication (Dongguan) Co.,LTD.
Add:4F, Bldg. A, ZhaoHe Industrial Park, #39 Wentangcixia 1st. Rd., Dongcheng District, Dongguan, China 523121.
Tel: +86-769 28337151   +86-769 28337215

Fax: +86-769 23322846
Technical Support:tech@ruik-tech.com
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